Ice Cream Making – The Basics

Getting Started

Before we launch into a “How To” on ice cream making… let’s get familiar with the machine… the better you know the machine… the easier it is… trust me. Okay… reading manuals is boring… and you just don’t want to do it… I know… been there…

I’ll walk you through the steps.. and believe me there aren’t many… of my ice cream maker… you will have to at least peruse your manual if you decide to purchase a different brand or model. The good news is… most ice cream makers are basically the same… so you should be able to breeze through your boring manual.

Machine Parts

The Base – it is what it sounds like… the actual machine… mine is surprisingly light weight… nothing fancy… no settings.. just on and off… I think I can handle that.

The Freezer Bowl- this insulated bowl needs to be in the freezer for 24 hours before making the ice cream… you really do need the 24 hours… you want this thing to freeze your ice cream. I cleaned mine when I got it and made sure I carefully dried it… and popped it in the freezer. One review I read said they keep it in the freezer so whenever they decide to make ice cream …it’s ready to go… I thought it was an excellent idea… and we do that now too.

The Paddle- this piece fits into the bowl… the little point on the end fits into a little hole in the freezer bowl. It does fit somewhat loosely… so don’t think you’ve done it wrong… chances are you’re right… just double check your manual.

After the plastic lid is fitted on… and the batter is poured in… machine is turned on… the bowl will rotate… the paddle gets caught on little “catches” this is part of the normal operation.

The Plastic Lid – this is also exactly what it sounds like… the lid you place over the freezer bowl with the paddle in it. It will easily snap into place… all that’s left is to pour in the batter and flip it on.

And that my friends … is the extent of it… I know… very very easy!

My ice cream maker came with use and care instructions… it’s worth while to take a look at them. It also came with a recipe book… my advice is to try their recipes first… then venture off on your own. The first few recipes I will post will be from their booklet… good basic instructions.

So go freeze your freezer bowl… and stop back and we’ll start making ice cream together.


AnyEdge said...

You're killing me. It there anyway I can get this ice cream to be extruded from my computer? Homemade ice cream sounds AWESOME.

Linda said...

It IS awesome... and it's so easy... it's a great why to get kid's involved... in fact it's so easy.. after a few family sessions doing it together... a teenager could easily do this... a great way to get a kid involved and interested... I would supervise the clean-up though.. you don't want any abrasives or sharp objects used on the freezer bowl.

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