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Baking Giant Cookies in Special Shapes

Question of the Day:

Can you bake the cookie heart by simply shaping it on a cookie sheet?

Last week, if you remember, I posted a cute Chocolate Chip Cookie Heart just in time for Valentine’s Day…. in order to do the large Cookie Heart… you use a heart-shaped pan…

Well… one of my regular readers sent me an email and asked the question that I’m sure many of you thought of… but didn’t want to ask or have since thought of the question now that you can’t find the heart shaped cookie pan…..

Can you bake the cookie heart by simply shaping it on a cookie sheet?

My answer was… I wouldn’t recommend it… the cookie dough needs room to spread… so you leave a little border so it has room… the sides of the pan kind of corral the dough… which helps keep its shape…

I have since made a round cookie that didn’t spread to the edge of the pan… it stayed pretty round BUT I still wouldn’t recommend a free hand heart cookie on a baking sheet… because spreading will probably be a bit uneven at best… and it will distort the heart shape… the little bit of distortion with the round one was okay because it still looks basically round

BUT try it.. nothing ventured … nothing gained… just don’t wait until you need one… do it when it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t come out perfect….at least you’ll have fun eating it if it doesn’t turn out quite like you wanted… and if it does turn out… GREAT!

My recommendation was to make a round one using a pizza pan and decorate with a big heart. Make a heart pattern using paper (fold the paper in half… make a half heart… cut out….etc…you know… ala third grade). Then lay it on the cake and decorate around the heart leaving a little border between the shape and the icing so you can get it off easily.

As for the recipe for making a pizza size cookie… I told her I wanted to try it before I posted one….most of my recipes I’ve done for years… or new ones I’ve tried….I always make the recipes before posting… so you can be sure they work….

Size and types of pans can make all the difference… I’ve made a Giant Cookie before… but the pans I used before are in New York… I’m in Georgia… the pizza pans I have here are different…so … I tried it with the new pans…

So today is the day… one Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe coming up!

So thank you “special reader”…. for being brave enough to ask the question many people wanted to ask but were afraid of sounding silly!.... it wasn’t a silly question… it was a really good one!

PS. Questions are never silly… honest!



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