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Product Review: La Mexicana Salsa

I’m usually a “make it from scratch” kinda gal… but about two years ago we discovered La Mexicana Salsa in our local grocery store (Publix). It’s a fresh salsa and you can find it in the produce section of the grocery store.

It comes in three heats… mild, medium and hot...we’re hooked on the medium heat. Their salsa is always fresh tasting and totally delicious. It tastes like I just made it myself… you can taste the freshness of all the ingredients.

Best of all… it wasn’t expensive…. you would think it would be far more expensive to buy it already made than to make it yourself…. Not so… I priced the ingredients and I have to say… the cost is about equal… sometimes even cheaper than making it myself… depending on the time of year.

And before you even ask… nope… I’m not getting anything to say good things about this salsa…. I’m just a satisfied customer that wants to share how terrific this salsa is.

Check their website for more information about their products.

Try this terrific salsa.. and any of their other products....you won’t be disappointed!



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