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Recipe: Boursin Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

This recipe is a quick and easy hors’dourve…. my friend Shirley made stuffed cherry tomatoes for a gathering we had… she used a seasoned cream cheese… and they were gone in no time….

I like to use Boursin…. It’s easy and readily available. Now you might think cutting and seeded the cherry tomatoes is labor intensive… well it really isn’t. I did an entire bunch in about 20 minutes.

I like to add these to a variety of hors’dourves because it really isn’t too high in calorie and a nice little change from all the other finger foods.

I hope you think about adding these to your holiday party table.



Recipe: Boursin Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

All you need:

Cherry tomatoes
Boursin Spread

All you need to do:

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and using a small spoon (I used the tip of an iced tea spoon) seed the tomato.

Using a sharp knife, cut out the center pulp of the tomato to form a hollow bowl.

Using a small spoon, spoon in the Boursin and place on a serving dish.


highlandsranchfoodie December 5, 2009 at 8:14 AM  

I love Borsin Cheese and love this idea. Costco and Sam's clubs both have cherry tomatoes at a good price year round. And of course, during tomato season this would be heavenly. Thanks for the post.

A Year on the Grill December 5, 2009 at 11:27 AM  

Quick... I am heading to a party, I have a choice, bath and deodorant or making something to bring...

Now I can do both!


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