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Using a Melon Ball Scoop to Drop Cookies onto a Baking Sheet

Cooking Tip of the Day

I like to use a melon ball scoop to drop my cookie dough onto baking sheets. I have a very small one… that I use for those cookies that call for rounded teaspoons… and a larger one that I use when I need rounded tablespoons dropped.

I took my teaspoon measuring spoon and put water into it and poured it into the scoop to test how much the scoop held… it is a perfect teaspoon…. And I did likewise for the larger scoop… it’s a perfect tablespoon.

Not only is it quick and easy to drop the dough by using the scoop… your cookies also come out more uniform and they all bake evenly. I saw this tip somewhere a long time ago and tried it… and never looked back.



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