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Product Review: Jar Opener from Vacu Vin

I was sent a jar opener from Vacu Vin to try to see what I think…. I love it!

This is one terrific little gadget. How many times are you standing there… in the kitchen straining to open a vacuum sealed jar…. and of course there’s no one around to help you when you need it…. well… Vacu Vin has solved the problem.

It’s easy to use design takes the ummmpf out of opening those jars. This small handy tool just slips under the lid to release the pressure so the jar opens quickly and easily. It works on most size jars.

The Vacu Vin Jar Opener is far better than those flimsy grip pads that are out there…. and is one tool you’ll use over and over…. a definite must have.

This product gets the “thumbs up” from me. I hope you try it.

The Vacu Vin Jar Opener is a great value at $19.99 (US) and you can find it at JellyRivers



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