Countdown to Turkey Day – Day 10


The countdown to the big day is here. Whether you’re bringing a dish to the celebration or you’re hosting the dinner… it’s always a good idea to make a couple of lists.

My Mother always had lists…. The main list was the actual menu… it was always on the refrigerator door…. and growing up… I admit… I always rolled my eyes….

As an adult that has hosted many dinners… and forgotten numerous things… either in the fridge or the microwave… yes… the microwave… I have learned my Mother was a lot smarter than I gave her credit for.

I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten something I was reheating in the microwave… the darn little beep goes off… I’m doing something… so I figure I’ll grab it in a minute… and well… you can see where this is going…

Lists take the stress out of having to remember everything… which is a good thing… especially for me… I hate stressful holidays… and I’m always willing to try something that will reduce stress.

So about 10 days before the event… I start my lists.

I have a list for the menu…. a list of things I need to do and when…. and a shopping list…. all subject to change… but I find once I start planning and it goes on the list… it’s pretty much going to get done and not forgotten…. that’s the important part… not forgotten.


A Year on the Grill said...

this is a funny post, I have TWO T-day meals to make, and I have more than a dozen dishes I want to make... I have got to get organized, My first T-Dau meal is Sunday

Anonymous said...

I live by lists. I'm hosting this year and my list is already started!

Linda said...

Two Thanksgiving meals!!! Sounds like fun... I love to cook.

Actually I think Turkey dinners are one of the easiest to make for guests... I love to cook them

Ahhh highlands... I knew we were alike... you can always tell when someone is on the same wavelength

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