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Recipe: Roasted Garlic Mayo

This recipe is another super easy flavored mayo that’s just wonderful. You need to Roast Garlic…. See my other post on how to Roast Garlic, if you need directions.
This is wonderful with sandwiches, vegetables (as a dip) and French fries…. I’m sure you can think of other uses too!


Recipe: Roasted Garlic Mayo

All you need:

1 cup Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise
Roasted garlic from 1 head, skin removed
Juice of ½ lemon

All you need to do:

Mash the garlic and combine with the mayonnaise and lemon juice. Cover and chill until use.


Chris October 21, 2009 at 3:48 PM  

Sounds fabulous! Just wish my hubby liked garlic more.


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