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Tips for Juicing Lemons and Limes

Cooking Tip of the Day

Lemons and limes add a wonderful flavor to many foods. The best lemons or limes have smooth, oily skins are heavy for their size.

To get the most juice from your lemon or lime...they should always be at room temperature. Roll them with the palm of your hand on a hard surface before cutting and squeezing the juice from them.

If your lemon or lime is a bit hard… microwave on high for about 10-20 seconds.

If you are hand squeezing your lemon or lime…. There are a number of terrific gadgets available at cookware shops that will help you juice them.

Some gadgets will help you juice them without getting their pits in your juice…

If you prefer not to use a gadget, another trick to help keep pits out of your juice is to juice them cut-side up…. that way the pits tend to stay in the fruit and not drop in juice.

The citrus juicers pictured are available at Williams Sonoma.


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