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Pantry Staples – Stock Up or Not To Stock Up

Tip of the Day

Awhile back, Warren and I got into a discussion about pantry staples. His opinion was that sparse was better… just go out and get what you need when you need it. I said that … that attitude was from someone that did not do the majority of the grocery shopping or cooking. The last thing I want to do is run out and waste time at the store just before dinner.

I am a firm believer in the well stocked pantry. First, from a time saving perspective… one trip a week to the grocery store is fine for me. Secondly, I do believe in meal planning… many items you need for a recipe do not use up the entire package and unless you want to waste it… you really need to plan to use it in another dish soon after opening. … and thirdly, and probably the most important reason for stocking up… is taking advantage of sales…. discounts do add up… especially on food items you would normally use anyway.

Now that I have pointed out the finer points of why pantry staples are a good thing…. the question is… what items fall under the “staples” list. For the most part… pantry staples are an individual thing… meal ingredients that “throw together” quickly on those nights that are unplanned… as well as, those items frequently used.

Whatever is on your list… I believe pantry staples are a wise investment in time and money, as long as thought has gone into choosing them and they’re used in a timely manner.

Let me hear your thoughts on the subject. Do you stock up?


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