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Adding Variety to Your Hors’dourves Menu By Dividing Your Filling and Adding Different Ingredients to the Second Half

Tip of the Day

When preparing for a party …I like to plan a variety of hors’dourves not only just for a variety in flavors but also so my guests can find something they like… not all people like all things when it comes to cheeses and vegetables.

Some simple fillings can be used as a base for a slightly different filling. You can make a simple filling different by adding a cheese or a different herb to it.

Planning is key…. When planning the menu for your party think of ways you can savetime and money by making and using a basic filling… then try using it in different doughs (for example phyllo dough and puff pastry) or using a portion of the basic filling and adding a cheese to it… for example feta or ricotta or mozzarella… these little changes can make totally different hors’dourves with little time and effort.



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