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Sunday Morning Breakfast Idea- Peach Melba Waffles


Another Sunday Morning Breakfast Idea post…. and this is for Mother’s Day… This is a great idea for the adult to make the waffles… and have the younger children help assemble them…. and everyone can enjoy them.

Even if you’re a single Mother… celebrating Mother’s Day with special food… is important. I was widowed at a fairly young age and my son was young. We celebrated all holidays… Mother’s Day included. I didn’t mind making the things he couldn’t…. he would set the table… help assemble it (like this recipe idea) and he would serve it. It was so much fun watching him… he was so proud to be able to do something to help…. I wouldn’t have missed it for all the money in the world.

And if you’re not celebrating Mother’s Day… well … then these are still a fabulous breakfast!

They are extremely easy to make…. And soooo good.



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