Recipe: New York Egg Creams

I have no idea where Egg Creams got the name Egg Cream…. They do not contain Egg or Cream… but they were a tradition in ice cream parlors in New York ….

According to most historians a candy store owner named Louis Auster created this New York tradition…. But alas it is dying out. Any New Yorker will tell you that you must use Fox’s U-Bet Syrup to make the authentic egg cream. It was made from three ingredients…. syrup… milk and seltzer.

Ask any New Yorker old enough to remember the ice cream parlors….about Egg Creams… and you will likely take a trip down memory lane. I remember my friends and I used to stop into an ice cream parlor in Brooklyn on the way from school to where my Dad worked…. We’d all have Egg Creams….

I’m partial to Vanilla…. What I made is, unfortunately a pale imitation of what I remember…. but really good nonetheless.

I had trouble finding U-Bet syrups and had to settle with other brands for the vanilla and chocolate syrup… and honestly you can tell the difference…. I couldn’t find seltzer so I had to use club soda… which should be okay… both are carbonated and should be able to be used interchangeably … however… I think the seltzer water keeps the fizz longer while in the glass… at least it has been my experience anyway. The “head” on the egg creams was deflating as I was taking the pictures…. Another annoyance… but … I happily drank mine anyway!


Recipe: Egg Cream

All you need:

Chocolate Syrup or Vanilla Syrup
Seltzer or Club Soda

All you need to do:

Take an 8 ounce glass and pour about 1 inch of milk in the glass.

Add 1 inch of chocolate or vanilla syrup.

Add the seltzer of club soda to within 1 inch of the top of the glass…. Stir vigorously with a long ice tea spoon.

Serve immediately.


Coleen's Recipes said...

I've heard of an egg cream, however, I have never tasted one. I always assumed it contained egg AND cream LOL

Donna-FFW said...

I grew up in Yonkers NY so I know of egg creams and LOVE them. Thanks for this, I shall be maing them soon, Linda!

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