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Sunday Breakfast Idea XII – Quiche Lorraine


Can you believe we’re on week 12 for Sunday Breakfast Ideas?? ….and I have really only scratched the surface. This week I decided to make a Quiche Lorraine. It really is easy and you can prep everything ahead.

I used a pre-made pie crust in the interests of time… but certainly you can make your favorite pie crust.

What I like about these posts is that you can look back and pick out different ideas from different weeks and mix and match them.

Some are obviously cheaper to make than others… some require little or no prep and others are a bit more involved…. So there is something for everyone… and every mood.

With Easter on Sunday… many households have special breakfasts… or even “two shifts” of visitors….

I did that one year… my brother had to work in the early afternoon… so he and his family came for breakfast…. and my parents had too far to drive to make an early breakfast… so they came for an afternoon dinner….. not sure I would do that again… it was tiring… but my son helped lots…. He loves cooking and entertaining and has always been a tremendous help and source of inspiration. So if you have a busy day planned... enlist some help!

For breakfast I made an assortment of foods that took into account time for prep… use of the stove and oven and likes and the dislikes of everyone. My nephews were fairly young so I made sure I made things they would enjoy.

Quiche Lorraine with its custard like filling and bacon or ham and cheese… a little onion… is so yummy.

So if you have a Easter Brunch or Breakfast coming up and want a good addition to your table… search no more... this is delicious….

Oh and real men do eat Quiche…. (Warren adds)…. Only when it’s the only thing on the supper table…. He’s kidding of course. It does make a great weeknight supper… add a salad and/or a soup and it really can be hearty… even for those with hearty appetites.



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