Recipe: Geechee Pecan Pie

This recipe for pecan pie came from a friend of Warren’s family, Douglas (aka “The Old Man”) Tibbs. The recipe has been in Warren’s family for years…. it isn’t overly sweet… and mine was a bit runny… but the flavor was excellent. Usually pecan pie is loaded with so much sugar you can’t even finish a piece of pie. This was sweet but not sickenly sweet.... Best of's extremely easy… you can use any pie shell recipe you like.

I was curious who or what was a Geechee… so I went researching...different sources have slightly different definitions… but most agree it is a person who lives in the South Carolina and Georgia low country. According to Wikipedia, the term Geechee comes from the Ogeechee River near Savannah, Georgia. The term is most commonly used in Charleston, South Carolina. You can find more interesting facts about the Geechee online at Wikipedia.


The recipe lists Bourbon as optional… Warren wanted me to include it and it was good… just be aware there is a distinctive Bourbon flavor. Another request with this recipe was NOT to use Jack Daniels….(you can use Jack Daniels if you want).

So off to the liquor store I went … the gentleman at the store found an “airplane size” bottle of Maker’s Mark Whisky (yes… that’s spelled right… that’s how it is on the label). It more than covered what I needed and I have enough left for another pie…. any excuse to have more pie… is always a good excuse.

I hope you enjoy this different pecan pie.


Geechee Pecan Pie Recipe

All you need:

1 9" pie crust - unbaked
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons butter, melted
½ cup Karo
½ cup heavy cream
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 cup sugar
3 eggs
2 tablespoons Bourbon (optional)
2 cups broken pecans (you can save some for the top to make it pretty)

All you have to do:

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

In a large bowl, beat the eggs.

Stir in everything else.

Pour into an unbaked pie shell... if you saved some whole pecans... distribute them on the top of the pie.

Bake at 400 degrees F. for 40 minutes.

NOTE: Keep an eye on your pie crust… at this high temperature it will tend to burn… if you see it getting too brown… lay strips of foil over the crust.


girlichef said...

Love pecan pie..and I am a Maker's afficionado...I believe it prefers to be called Bourbon or Bourbon Whiskey as there is (definitely) a difference. I know cuz I'm a Bourbon lover...not as much a Whiskey lover (even though I don't shun it). But I'm not a bourbon snob....LOL. (althought that is probably why it states not to us's a whiskey...Beam is a bourbon whiskey, though) It looks amazing and I am definitely going to be making a pecan pie w/ bourbon soon! Thanks for this! :)

Linda said...

Ahhh... I don't know much about Bourbon or Whiskey...

The not Jack Daniels thing was Warren's two cents... not officially in the recipe... he's picky

I got the recipe from Warren's sister who had a handwritten very brief recipe from their Mother...

Warren wanted me to make the recipe and I thought why not... I could blog about it...

I had some questions about the recipe but unfortunately both his Mom and "The Old Man" have passed away... so I did the best I could with what I had

The taste was great... I wasn't happy that it was a bit runny ... so I've upped the baking time 5 minutes in the recipe... that should take care of it

girlichef said...

You know, I make a pecan pie sometimes with dark rum in it...and no matter what I've tried to fix it, it always ends up a bit runny, too. Wonder if it's something in the alcohol that keeps it from setting up completely? I'd be interested in hearing what happens when you make it again w/ your time change :)

Linda said...

hmmm.... it will be at least a few weeks... there's just two of us here... well... one... he's on a business trip in Europe (must be nice) until the 30th... but now I wonder if the time change will matter...

I just assumed it might because the darn recipe was written +/- 35 minutes... I hate that... I never give recipes like that without telling them what to look for... anyway...

I will let you know... but I feel much better npw that I know yours is a bit runny too

I'll also ask Warren's sister... She uses the recipe without the Bourbon... I'll let you know.

Coleen's Recipes said...

I love pecan pie.

Tyson said...

Try add ing some flour to the pie mix. I usually put 2 tsp and my pies are firm.

Linda said...

Thanks for the tip Tyson!

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