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Recipe: Chocolate Mousse

This recipe for Chocolate Mousse is from my aunt, Frederique. She always made the best chocolate mousse. My Mom and I got her to write the recipe for us... and we have been making it ever since. This is a wonderfully rich, chocolatey tasting mousse.

In honor of National Chocolate Mousse Day… I thought I would post this great recipe.

This recipe is very easy and sooooo delicious. It’s a snap to make and can be made ahead, it’s perfect for entertaining. You can dress it up a bit by adding a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top with chocolate shavings…. a terrific presentation.

I melt the chocolate in the microwave, it’s so much easier than melting it in a double boiler. Just pop the chocolate, butter, coffee and Grand Marnier into a microwaveable bowl. Microwave on high until melted in 2 minute increments, stirring after each 2 minute interval.

The recipe calls for dark chocolate… if you prefer you can use other chocolate.

Try this recipe… you will love it…


Chocolate Mousse Recipe

All you need:

4 eggs, separated
½ stick of butter or margarine (I use butter)
1 tablespoon strong coffee
1 tablespoon Grand Marnier (optional)
8 oz. dark chocolate
1 small container cold heavy cream
2 tablespoons powdered sugar (you can use granulated if you don't have powdered)

All you need to do:

Melt the chocolate, butter, coffee and Grand Marnier in a bowl in the microwave. Microwave in 2 minute increments until the mixture is melted. Stir after each 2 minute interval.

Allow chocolate mixture to cool until the mixture is still warm but not hot.
In a medium bowl beat the egg whites until stiff.

Beat the egg yolks in a small bowl and add to the chocolate mixture…. stirring rapidly so eggs get incorporated quickly.

Carefully fold in the egg whites (half at a time). Do not over mix.

Let mixture cool in the refrigerator for about ½ hour.

In the meantime, whip the heavy cream and sugar. (For best results, be sure the heavy cream is cold, as well as, the bowl and all utensils including the beaters).

Lightly fold the whipped cream in … do not over mix… you want your mousse fluffy.

**Reserve some whipped cream for garnish.


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