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Instant Mini Grilling Thermometers

Tip of the Day

I while ago I did a post on the various types of thermometers available… one I didn’t post about is an instant grilling meat thermometer. They aren’t used solely for grilling… they can be used in an oven as well… and they can remain in the food or they can be used to poke the meat and get an instant read.

I watched a short video clip that Emeril used when making a Chicken Cordon Bleu in connection with Whole Foods. He used an instant thermometer… one very much like the picture on this tip and it reminded me that I wanted to mention this as a tip.

I took the picture from the Williams Sonoma website. They have a set that is a Williams Sonoma exclusive by Taylor. A set of two poultry thermometers and two beef thermometers for $20.00 (US) … price as of today. The beef thermometers indicate rare, medium, and well-done temperatures, and the two for poultry indicate the ideal temperatures for breast and thigh meat temperatures.

I don’t get anything for “hawking” their stuff… I just wanted to list it since I did use their picture as an illustration of the type of thermometer I’m talking about… and the price … to give you an idea of how much they are. The price is definitely in the range of others like it.

These types of thermometers are an excellent tool for your kitchen and takes the guess work out of deciding if something is done or not… very much worth the investment.



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