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Featured Wine: Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio

Pinot gris is a white wine grape variety that is actually a white mutation of the Pinot noir grape which is a red grape. The grapes are usually grayish-blue, but can vary widely. They can be a brownish pink to black and sometimes white. It is not the same as pinot blanc.

The wines produced by this grape vary widely also… and range from a deep golden yellow to copper and even a light shade of pink.

Pinot gris is the name used primarily in France and Oregon. Pinot grigio refers to the pinot gris grape grown in Italy and California. Other countries use the two names interchangeably.

Wines made from this grape vary widely and are dependent on the region and wine making style they are from.

According to Pinot Gris, the other white wine, “The Pinot gris produces wines that are fruity in aroma, with flavors of honey, apple, pear, vanilla, oak and citrus.”

French Pinot gris from the Alsace region are medium to full bodied wines and are more fruity and flowery. The flavors range from peach to grapefruit to melon. These can age well.

German Pinot gris are more full bodied with a slight sweetness.

Pinot gris from Oregon are medium bodied with a yellow to copper pink color and evidence of pear, apple and/or melon.

Pinot grigio from Italy is typically a dry not sweet wine….a light bodied wine that is light in color with sometimes spritzy flavors that can be crisp.

California Pinot grigio tend to be richer in flavor than the Italian Pinot grigio wines and are more light bodied with a crisp refreshing taste. They have a mineral taste with a lemony or citrusy flavor.

Pinot gris goes well with foods typically associated with white wines, which includes fish, seafood, chicken, pork and Asian cuisine.

Pinot grigio also pairs well with light foods that have a thick sauce or heavy spices…. For example chicken in a rich white sauce or eggplant with heavy spices.

Pinot gris is a white wine and should be served at 48 F.

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