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Here are a few waffle making tips to make your waffles come out perfect:

For fluffier, lighter waffles, separate your eggs and beat the egg whites until they are have soft peaks. Then gently fold the egg whites into your batter.

To add flavor to your waffles add an extract (vanilla, almond or coconut… to name a few examples) or a teaspoon of cinnamon or chocolate powder to your batter.

Buttermilk makes a great waffle batter too…. if you don’t keep buttermilk on hand… you can keep a can powdered buttermilk…. it works great.

When making your batter… measure the ingredients very precisely.

Do not open the waffle making for the first minute after pouring the batter and closing the waffle maker.

When I got my waffle maker… To figure out the perfect amount of batter for each waffle for my particular waffle maker…. I used a dry measure to scoop batter onto the waffle maker… I had many, many oddly shaped waffles until I got it just right for my waffle maker… then I knew exactly how much batter filled my maker to make the perfect waffle (nothing beats time, patience and persistence).

The waffles should be done when the steam stops coming out.

If your waffles are tough and rubbery…. Your waffle iron may not be hot enough… you may have to wait until your waffle iron gets hotter… wait extra time between waffles… check the booklet that came with your waffle maker for suggestions….if that doesn’t work… the problem may not be fixable without a new waffle maker.

I am a skim milk user for most recipes…. but NOT for waffles… for best results ..use buttermilk or whole milk.

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