Waffle Makers 101


If you are considering purchasing a waffle maker there are a few features that you may be interested in having in your waffle maker. The following are features that Shopwiki feels are essential to making the perfect waffle… I tend to agree.

• “Browning Control: The crispness and darkness of the waffle can be set to your liking. This is not a necessary feature, but some waffle enthusiasts consider it a requirement. About half the devices feature this.

• Capacity: The number of waffles that can be made simultaneously. Choose between 2 and 4 waffle models, or go for the one-waffle Belgian style maker setup that makes one large, thick, round, (but still divisible) waffle. You may also like having a pizzelle press instead of a waffle maker.

• Waffle Shape: Round, square, quarters, Mickey Mouse, of course, and, my personal favorite, waffle sticks.

• Chime Feature: A bell to indicate waffle completion and assure perfect golden brown. This allows you to walk away from the waffle maker and do other things without having to pay attention to when the waffles stop steaming.

• Versatility: Waffle makers have diversified to include sandwich makers and grills, but the best waffles do not share with paninis or steaks. If you must buy a multi-function machine, make sure the aforementioned features are not excluded from the waffle maker.

• Price: Expect to spend at least $30 to $40 for a waffle maker. “

In addition, you should visit their website for Major Manufacturers and Recommendations.

When choosing an appliance, such as a waffle maker, it’s good to read reviews… I surfed the net a bit and found numerous sites that have written reviews… I would read them. Also look for recalls… I know numerous manufacturers that have recalled some of their models.

Shop around for the waffle maker of your choice... you don't replace appliances often... at least I don't... even after buying one and realizing it doesn't have everything I want... I rarely replace it... so make a wise decision the first time... There is an extensive selection of waffle makers, including ones that make heart shaped waffles at Cookware.com. ...you can go to their website and review what they have.

They even have waffle cone makers and waffle cone mixes....how cool is that?

Uno Farmyard Waffle Iron by VillaWare makes awfully cute animal shaped waffles which are carried by numerous on-line stores including Target and Amazon. Great for kids.

I like my waffle maker… but not having tried other brands… I cannot honestly tell you which one is the best and why. Both Cook’s Illustrated and Good Housekeeping reviewed waffle makers recently, you will find the reviews at Shopwiki.

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