Sunday Breakfast Idea VIII

Another week… another Sunday breakfast idea. This week’s breakfast idea is bagels….. and no… breakfast in bed does not mean throwing a bag of bagels to the sleeping spouse or partner.

I love bagels…. as you may know from a previous post. I truly miss my bagel shop in New York. So… unfortunately…. I know this week’s breakfast idea may not work for everyone… not everyone has a bagel shop nearby….. but if you do…. it is truly a wonderful breakfast.

Growing up in New York…. My family always had a “Sunday Breakfast”…. Often that meant a variety of bagels… and my Mother would make eggs to go with it. My Aunt and Uncle lived nearby… and they and my parents took turns making the “bagel run”. Most often they’d still be warm….hmmmmm…. good memories.

You can serve them with butter and jelly (as pictured) or you can make it a little more special and quickly make one of my spreads or butters that I posted previously… the spreads and butters are quick to make and can be made ahead…. for the recipes… just click the link or ….go to the Dips and Spreads label.

For tips on making cream cheese spreads, see my previous post Making Cream Cheese Spreads.


Bacon and Scallion Cream Cheese
Raspberry Cream Cheese
Honey and Walnut Cream Cheese Spread
Honey Cinnamon Butter
Orange Butter


Jim said...


When your readers are preparing their morning bagels, they can slice them safely with Larien's
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Jim Dodge, Sales Manager
Larien Products

Linda said...

Hi Jim...

I checked it out and put Larien's information in the tip instead. I'm always willing to give a plug for one of my readers with a great product....

Thanks for the info!


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