Greasing the Top of the Muffin Tin

Tip of the Day

This tip is about making sure muffin tops don’t stick to the muffin tin. Whether using paper muffin wrappers or not… you should spray the top of the muffin with spray oil to ensure that your muffin tops won’t stick when if they run over a bit. I do it even if I'm using a non-stick tin... because as we all know... they stick sometimes too.

If you are using the liners… simply spray the top of the tin before adding the liners… make sure to wipe out the muffin wells before adding the liners so the liners don’t get greasy.

Admittedly, my muffins rarely run over…. but it does happen. What made me think to post this tip was that I bought muffins last week at the supermarket bakery…. I know… horrors… I actually bought them instead of making them… but I was in a hurry that day.

They had this elaborate display… a cute wooden cart…. the muffins were super jumbo size…. They had left them in the tins… and tilted the tins to make a very nice display…. you had to take a waxed sheet and take what you want…. well... the muffins stuck… I had to quickly stop pulling before the top would have left the stump…. Mind you I was tempted… after all…. as one Seinfeld episode pointed out… everybody wants just the tops anyway.

It never occurred to me that a bakery wouldn’t know this tip….

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