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Tips on Preparing Baked Stuffed Potatoes

Tips of the Day

My first tip for preparing baked stuffed potato is…. have extra potato insides available…. I like my baked stuffed potatoes to be heaping full….. so either have leftover mashed potatoes from another meal…. Or do like I did…. last weekend I made potato skins and kept the scooped out potato in an air tight container for use when I made the stuffed potatoes today. Another option is to make a small serving of instant mashed potatoes and add them in (I’d consider that a last resort option).

My second tip is that do as I say not as I did….. I scooped too much out and the skin left wasn’t strong enough to hold the shape and the filling in…. I only did that on one of them… thank goodness…. it wasn’t the end of the world…. but I’m into presentation…. so it was a big deal to me… the lesson here is leave about ¼ inch “wall” … especially if you cut your potatoes in half… like I usually do.

My third tip is… decide ahead of time if you’re going to cut the potatoes in half… so you have two halves per person or cut the top 1/3 off and only serve the one potato per person….. most people say that if you cut them in half… you need more filling…. I’m not so sure I agree with that…. but as I said before…. I like to make mine ultra full…. so I always plan to have extra potatoes for the filling….

And finally….. be inventive…. you can change up my recipe in a million different ways…. find what you and your family like best…. And sometimes it’s just good to be different otherwise meals can be boring…



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