Pasta meals are a perfect answer to special occasion meals. They can be dressed up by the sauce you choose. With Valentine’s day fast approaching…. I wanted to do a few pasta meals as recipes.

The beauty of these recipes is that they’re so versatile. You can choose the type of pasta… fresh or dried… just a quick note here…. a plate of ravioli with a luscious sauce is very easy …. and I’m sure will be well appreciated….. pick a sauce….. if you’re choosing something like Penne…. you may want to consider cooked chicken or shrimp as an add-in.

And just a reminder… I published a number of other pasta recipes previously…. earlier in the week… I published a classic Fettuccini Alfredo, a Slimmed Down version and an even more Slimmed Down version…. So scroll down to them…. there are also some recipes in our archives… see the “Pasta” label.

Above all have fun and enjoy!

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