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You Can Lighten-Up Desserts and Snacks

Tip of the Day:

Lightening –up desserts and snacks is so important…. If you don’t satisfy a sweet craving then you are less likely to stay on the right path to better eating. You can add non-fat whipped topping … aka fat free Cool Whip to puddings and voila… you have mousse… and you have stretched the amount too.

Fruits… I love fruits… and so do most kids… incorporate them into snacks…. I always included a fruit and a sweet into my son’s lunch box…. Fresh fruit is the best… make-up your own little fruit cups with the small storage containers … freeze juice for fruit pops…. Yogurt makes a great dip. One of the best things I have seen is… the addition on fast food menus of fruit and dips instead of fries.

The recipe today uses instant pudding and juice and whipped topping… it’s together in under 10 minutes… and hardly any clean-up!



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