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Save Those Leftovers

Tip of the Day:

Go over your leftovers and see what you can salvage. Cookies and most baked goods freeze well. Just store them in airtight containers…. They make great lunch box desserts.

Have left over Christmas fudge? …. This tip is from my Grandmother… she was so ingenious… I learned so much from her…. I truly miss her… but her lessons live on through her granddaughter.

Each year I made about 6 or 7 batches of fudge… everyone got fudge… we didn’t have a lot of money when Erik was little so I made a lot of gifts… or at least got little gifts and a box of my homemade fudge went with it. I made all sorts of flavors… each box had a sampling. My grandmother always watched her weight… so she would eat a piece a day… she froze the fudge in …an airtight conainer…(what else)… and each day she took a piece… it lasted months.

Left over fruits and vegetables…(raw)… find recipes to use them… or use them up this weekend when the kids are home… just put them out and a dip and there you go!

Left over cheese cubes you didn't put out?... consider using them for a macaroni and cheese or a cheese sauce for vegetables or over poached or scrambled eggs.

See what else in your fridge that you can salvage…. Didn’t put out all the hors'dourves?... many can be frozen… with Super Bowl Sunday coming soon… you have the perfect opportunity to use them then.

Be careful of things that were put out... if they were put on a buffet... I would chuck them... no point in tempting fate and getting someone sick.



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