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Don’t Throw Out That Liquid from Cooked Vegetables

Tip of the Day:

Don’t throw out the liquid from cooked vegetables, it can be used for vegetable stocks, soups, stews and gravies.

For the recipe today… you have to cook frozen spinach and drain it… as well as, press out any excess liquid from the spinach using a strainer. That water coming out of the spinach is extremely flavorful and can be used in cooking other meals, especially soups.

Capture the liquid in a bowl or large measuring cup and put the liquid in an airtight container and freeze it… be sure to label it and date it. You can also freeze it in an old ice cube tray … then pop out the cubes and keep in a zip loc freezer bag in the freezer. It’s especially handy when making gravies when a little flavor goes a long way.

You can do this with many vegetables you cook… instead of discarding the liquid… keep it and freeze it… some are also great additions to gravies and stews…. carrots for instance… or potatoes… when boiling potatoes… save the potato liquid after scooping out the potatoes.



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