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Planning...Planning and Planning

Okay we're not in college anymore... a bag of Doritos and a keg do not make a party... besides most of us have to get up the next day and go to work. So it's best to plan so you don't kill yourself feeding your husband's entire office that he invited on Friday afternoon to watch the Sunday game on your wide screen tv.

No matter if you are planning a party for 30 or just a small one… you can have fun food that’s not only easy and affordable… but will also WOW your guests.

Through the years I always made Super Bowl Sunday a family event. I planned casual foods that we loved that did not keep me in the kitchen. It was a fun afternoon-evening together.

I mentioned around the holidays… that you cannot do everything yourself… and I think that is mostly true. Smaller celebrations that are at a slower time of year make it possible for a total Do-It-Yourselfer. Whether you plan to make everything or only some things… will depend on your time and budget.

I also mentioned that if you bought commercially made frozen appetizers and hors’dourves that you can use some of them and save some for Super Bowl Sunday. I did that every year and it worked out perfectly. It allowed me to purchase a wide selection so I could have variety… and I had no waste…. so if you followed my advice… you’re menu is halfway there already.

When I plan a menu for something like this… I stick to an overall theme. Since it’s football… I keep the foods casual. Sticking to an overall theme is important. First …. A mixture of foods of different types do not always go over well. Whether it’s a pizza theme… sandwiches…. or Mexican….. and depending on your location …. some areas of the country are still warm enough to have a barbeque……. No matter what I decide on… I follow one rule…I don’t stray too far off my theme…. so think about what kinds of foods you want on your menu…. Then do a recipe hunt for the foods you want to serve.

After you have a list of possibilities for your menu and their recipes…. see how much can be done in advance… keep it to a minimum for game day preparation. Eliminate foods that simply will take too much time away from your guests.

Depending on when you start your party and if you’re intention is to provide a main food item… mostly I do pick a substantial food to be included…. compare the list to the budget. .. and if your good to go….. make a formal list of everything so you don’t forget anything…..then start making a prep ahead list.

Do a timetable…. Make as much as you possibly can ahead and split among the few days before.

Make a shopping list…. and I do believe you are ready to start getting ready for partying!

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