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Recipe: Split Pea Soup

This is an American version of a pea soup. Where French versions of Pea Soup are creamy, American recipes tend to be thinner with chunks of ham and pea, as well as other vegetables, evident in the soup.

This recipe uses dried split peas, which are dried peas that have been mechanically split so they will cook faster. Some recipes call for peas to be soaked overnight, however, they can also be cooked by being placed in water and brought to a boil and then simmered for 45 minutes to an hour. This recipe uses the later method.

This recipe uses a bouquet garni…. See my previous post about bouquet garni if you are unsure what to do.

I hope you enjoy it!

Split Pea Soup Recipe:

All you need:

1 ½ cups split green peas
1 ham bone with ham still on the bone
2/3 cup coarsely chopped onion
¼ cup chopped carrot
1 potato, diced
½ teaspoon sugar
¼ teaspoon salt
Bouquet Garni made of 2 sprigs of parsley, 1 clove garlic, 1 bay leaf, 1/8 teaspoon dried thyme and ½ cup chopped celery including leaves
Freshly ground pepper to taste
2 cans (14 oz) fat free chicken broth

All you need to do:

In a large pot, combine peas and 1 quart water.

Bring to a boil.

Reduce heat and simmer covered for about 45 minutes. If too much water evaporates, you can add more water.

Add the ham bone, the bouquet garni and remaining ingredients.

Simmer covered for 1 ½ hours.

The meat will have fallen off the bone during cooking. Chop the meat into small pieces.

Remove any meat still on the bone and chop.

Discard the bone.

Discard the bouquet garni.

Correct the salt and pepper to taste.

Serves 8.



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