Recipe: Another Version of Peach Melba by Linda

This recipe is a version of the classic Peach Melba. It’s not radically changed from the original recipe but I did change two things. I use pound cake and I liberally drizzle peach schnapps on my pound cake…. hmmmm sooooooo good.

If you want it non-alcoholic… then liberally drizzle the peach syrup from the can of peaches on the pound cake….

I also used sliced peaches…. It’s easier to put it in the dessert glass….. You can make your pound cake from scratch or buy one… I think you can figure out by now… I bought mine…

In a pinch I have melted Red Raspberry Seedless Jam for the syrup. Just put 2-3 tablespoons of jam in a small measuring cup… lay a piece of waxed paper over the cup to keep it from splattering … and nuke it in the microwave for about a minute until melted.

It’s not rocket science… and I don’t claim to be this tremendously inventive person… but it is a change and I did come up with it… I’m sure many others have done the same.. although I’ve never seen it done this way…. so I can call it Linda’s Peach Melba.

Whatever you call it… it’s good.

Linda's Version of Peach Melba Recipe:

All you need:

Canned sliced peaches (I used peaches in heavy syrup)
Pound cake slices
Raspberry syrup or sauce
Whipped cream

All you need to do:

Use about half a slice of pound cake per serving.

Cut the pound cake slice into strips and then in half.

I like to use Margarita glasses for this… but you can use whatever serving plate or glass you wish.

Put the cut pieces of the pound cake in the bottom of each glass.

Drizzle the cake with the peach schnapps or peach syrup.

Place peach slices on top of the pound cake (you may want to cut each slice in half to make it easier to fit into the glass).

Top the peaches with a rounded scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Drizzle the raspberry syrup on the ice cream.

Top with whipped cream.

Serve immediately.

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