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Commentary: Consider Low Fat Alternative Recipes for Sauces

As promised … Today (Wednesday) will be a Sunday breakfast idea. Just because you are watching your diet, doesn’t mean that you can’t have wonderful breakfasts. Eggs Benedict is one of my personal favorites. Poached eggs sitting on a piece of ham on a toasted English Muffin…. Hollandaise sauce on top…. yummm…

Hollandaise sauce doesn’t have to be out for the count since you’re watching your diet. I have a good recipe that cuts the fat… that tastes terrific. It’s made with non-fat buttermilk.. very quick and easy.

For you die-hards… the traditional recipe will also be posted.

You can also make this breakfast a lighter meal by serving fresh fruit with it instead of potatoes.

Canadian bacon is very low in fat … but I like to use deli baked ham sliced very thin instead. The flavor of the ham is strong so you get the full effect without all the calories.



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