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Commentary: Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

I have been getting a little flack from Warren who, during our last poll, requested sinful desserts…. our posts have been a little scarce on the sinful dessert front… so this week I am going to try and make up for a little lost time.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to start featuring easy desserts that are delicious and can look spectacular. I particularly wanted to focus on the easy ones… after all…. Valentine’s Day is also for the cook too… and there is no point in slaving over a romantic dinner and dessert…. That would not be so romantic… now would it?

So I am going to try to include more desserts in the coming weeks… look them over… see what ones ring your chimes… and try them… experiment with them… see what works well for you.

I have a suggestion… one I know the spouse, significant other, girlfriend, boyfriend or family will readily agree to… why don’t you try them all out… so by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around you will know exactly which one to make….

Warren has been happily taste testing… he highly recommends the rigorous testing of recipes… quality control, after all.

Happy Tasting!



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