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I know you are probably thinking this is an odd Cooking Tip of the Day… but you really need to know how many people are planning to accept you invitation and attend your party. I know many people feel awkward about getting RSVPs from people… but it is the backbone of the planning you will need to do for your party. A lot of thought goes into menu choices and quantities, a lot of the decisions you will make, especially concerning expenses, will depend on the number of people involved.

You will need to accurately budget time and money when planning your food and beverages. If too many people cannot attend, and your party ends up smaller than you anticipated when you sent out invitations, you may be able to change your menu accordingly. You may be able to include more expensive foods and beverages than you had originally thought.

Send your invitations out early, people need to plan, there are a lot parties and gatherings to attend this time of year. If your party involves a lot of foods, then give yourself ample notice as to when you need to know if they are coming or not. Personally, I would set the RSVP date at least 2 weeks prior to the event. That will give you enough time for any follow-ups you need to make and review your menu choices so you can adjust them if need be.

If your party is more casual and will not involve a lot of variety of foods… let’s say you plan to serve a couple of dips… some veggies… fruit and cheese…. and some baked goodies with coffee and tea…. maybe you plan to serve two kinds of wine and 2 kinds of soft drinks (diet and regular)…. That doesn’t require a whole lot of prep….so you can have an RSVP date closer to the actual date. You have to give it some thought before you send the invites out.

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