Quick Last Minute Additions to a Menu

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You’ve planned and shopped…and cooked… and baked… and you still find yourself having to improvise quickly to add to your menu because you think you may not have enough….

Before I continue… let me just say this… more often than not you do have enough… this is my number one downfall… I add more at the very last minute… only to have leftovers after because I made too much. If you’ve thought out your menu well and you don’t have unexpected guests… you’re probably okay without adding to it.

However, if you feel you still want to add to it and you don’t have much time… I would suggest you consider fondue…. Cheese fondue makes a great appetizer… and looks great… you can throw it together in minutes and is relatively cheap to make. Chocolate fondue makes a spectacular addition to a dessert buffet…. And it too, is easy and relatively inexpensive to make.

If you are considering adding to you main meal buffet or sit down dinner…. you can consider numerous options. Consider adding a salad if you don’t already have one…. Breads and rolls….

Or perhaps add a pasta dish…. traditional Italian meals have a pasta course….. ravioli is one often used… they are also relatively inexpensive… can be easily purchased (fresh or frozen) and a sauce can be quickly made or purchased.

A pasta course can be inserted in virtually any meal… I went to a Thanksgiving dinner one year and was surprised to be served a few raviolis before the main meal… the plate had 3 or 4 fresh raviolis on it and a little sauce… small and delicious…. It really was the perfect amount.

Adding another side dish is very easy… another vegetable is always a good solution…. And the vegetable doesn’t have to be elaborate… if you already have vegetables with sauces or glazes… add a plain one… why complicate the meal further.

I think most of all… if you are adding to a menu at the last minute… the best advice I can give you is keep it simple… you really don’t need to throw a monkey wrench into your timetable or budget at the last minute.

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