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A Word About Planning....

Planning, planning, and more planning makes for the least stressful and most successful holiday season. I make lists. I am legendary for my lists…. well actually my Mother is legendary… I’m a novice compared to her. While spontaneity sounds nice, I personally think it adds to stress and chaos and in more cases than not, a more expensive event. The person who came up with the word was obviously not in charge of events or parties. I do know people that can be spontaneous and successful… but it’s rare.

My first list is what I call a list of possible ideas for the party…. as I think of them or come across them, a recipe I have previously used and liked, a new idea from the hoards of holiday magazines to something new I’ve had at another party… I list it all. A word of advice, next to the item, I list the source (where I have the recipe or decoration idea)… it saves time and energy later should it make the final list. Even if the list is a mile long… it doesn’t matter… in fact the longer my list is, the easier it actually is to finally decide on a menu and everything else about the party. The beauty of the list is that once it’s on the list, I don’t have to think about it until I sit down to sort it out and make decisions about what will make the final cut.



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