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Knowing When to Buy and When to Make it Yourself

Tip of the Day:

The holidays are fast approaching… and as I’ve said before… you simply cannot do everything… well … you can if you have a housekeeper, chauffeur, laundress, holiday decorator, gift buyer, gift wrapper and a staff of 5 in the kitchen… oh and did I mention someone to go to work for you?... so the tip today is make a list (big surprise) and check it twice. See what you can do… and what you can buy or get a guest to bring.

It will not be the end of the world if you buy a pound or two of bakery cookies to mix in with the stuff you’ve made… and even if you didn’t make any cookies… trust me… the cookies from the bakery will get eaten. If one of your guests wants to bring something… check your list and see what will help you out.

Another thing I do is go to Sam’s Club or BJ’s … or any supermarket that has larger quanty packages of hors’dourves and buy an assortment. I divide it between the holiday and New Year’s… and if, which happens rarely, I have any left still… we use them on Super Bowl Sunday in January.

Keep it real….in focus… this is a holiday season for you too!



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