Healthy Snack Alternatives

Tip of the Day:

Before you roll your eyes… I just want to remind you… that offering a couple of healthy alternative food items in your menu is not only smart and usually cost effective, but guests also appreciate it.

If children are included in your gathering…. Kids love fruit and, surprisingly enough, they tend to like vegetables, especially carrots… giving them a healthy option helps develop better eating habits early on.

I always include a veggie and/or fruit platter with a few dip offerings. While I do serve sour cream based dips, I always include a couple of dips made with non-fat yogurt which are just as delicious. See my previous post with a terrific yogurt sauce recipe for fruit. Including salsa is another good idea…

There are many reduced fat crackers that are very good… reduced fat Triscuit comes to mind… I have tried reduced fat Ritz crackers and I didn’t care for them… I found them to be more brittle than the original… but I encourage you to try different ones to see what you like.

Cheeses, while not the healthiest alternative, are available in lower fat varieties that are quite good in most supermarkets. I’ve tried them and liked them. My family and guests didn’t even realize they were lower in fat until I told them. I always include grapes, sliced apples and pears with my cheeses.

Give it some thought and see what you can add to your menu that will give guests a healthy alternative to munch on.

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