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Even the most inexperienced cooks can experiment. It’s through experimentation you can develop the most wonderful foods…after all, that’s how family recipes get started… a cook substitutes an ingredient out of need (usually desperation) or imagination…. and voila! A new recipe is born…so start creating your own recipes.

Start with something simple … make the traditional recipe, maybe a few variations… as you get used to the flavors and textures… start experimenting with flavors you like. Fondue recipes are good candidates for you to go out on your own and see what you can create.

Fondue can be very versatile…you have so many options…. there are so many types of cheeses, spices, seafoods, meats,wines…even beers and apple cider to choose from…that make the most delicious fondues.

What I find the most appealing about fondues… is that they’re so easy and make such a great impression on your family or guests. Fondues do not have to be only for guests. In fact, it gets a family to interact more when they sit and talk as they dip…. Just as it encourages dinner party guests to mingle… it does with a family as well… it can be lots of fun.

I have this fabulous book called…”Fondue” by Lou Seibert Pappas…. If you can find it… I would highly recommend you consider purchasing it…. definitely try the recipes… you will be pleasantly surprised…. Some of the recipes are ones I’ve seen from other sources… but this book seems to have the best selection of recipes overall.

I have a few recipes from my family and some I’ve acquired over the years that I am going to post … once you see how easy it is… I know you will want to make variations of your own…. the number of variations is limited only by your imagination.

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