Adding Kid-Friendly Foods to a Party Menu

Tip of the Day:

Holiday celebrations often include children of all ages. Children are known for being picky eaters and that can be a challenge when preparing a menu your guests will enjoy.

Depending on the type of holiday party you are giving, will depend on what foods you could include that children will enjoy. If your gathering is just for coffee, tea and baked goodies… I would suggest you include a fruit platter or salad with a yogurt sauce (see my yogurt sauce recipe under the label “Sauces”.

Another idea is to make little Jello or pudding “shooters”… I think the best thing to hit restaurant menus is the addition of shot glass size desserts. They’re small and satisfy a sweet tooth without over-stuffing a guest. They’re perfect for children. Purchase small plastic or paper cups and fill them with your favorite combinations of dessert. The dessert doesn’t necessarily have to be plain either… many flavors of mousse are delicious and something a child would like. You can be especially creative with these… adults like them too!

If you are serving mainly cocktail foods… then I would make sure I include Pigs in the Blanket… they are absolutely perfect for children…. Tiny hot dogs with a little puff pastry around them… what could be better? Veggie and fruit trays are usually a hit with kids.

I try to make-up a tray of little snacks made especially for younger guests…. Peanut butter and a small dollop of jelly on a Ritz… cream cheese and jelly works well too… egg salad and tuna salad are good too.

Little pizzas you can make using pizza dough from the dairy section of the supermarket… you can make them personal pan size… and cut them into small wedges…little mini tacos…. chicken fingers…

If you are serving more substantial food on a buffet… a Mac n’ Cheese… elbow macaroni mixed with a meaty tomato sauce… mini sloppy joes….. buttery mashed potatoes (I wouldn’t season them…not all kids like seasonings) ….I make sure there is applesauce on the buffet..

These are just a few ideas to get you started.

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