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Under Construction

Hi All....

In case you have been wondering why my posts have dwindled.... we are currently under construction... or should I say destruction... the kitchen that is... gutting the whole thing... taking down a wall... new appliances, cabinets, lighting fixtures.. the works.

A truly ugly, hideous kitchen I inherited from previous occupants and owners... the house had 50 years worth of layers of ugliness... they will be gone forever!

The planning has been in the works for some time... it takes time and patience to research options, make decisions.. and then start the ball rolling.

Well the ball is rolling... so new recipes are going to be few and far between... unless you count heating Hot Pockets or Lean Cuisines cooking...

Bet you're wondering how in the world can she post new recipes.... well.. I did do some advance work and just haven't posted them yet.. and then there is the New York house we will be at next month.. so we'll see.

Right now in hot, humid Georgia... pardon our dust.  I am considering bringing you along on this adventure... after all ... renovating a kitchen has to do with cooking too.

So stay tuned..


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