Easy Breakfast Sandwiches

Stopping by fast food places for breakfast can be a budget killer… especially for a family…. but sometimes everyone just feels like a Fast food Breakfast Sandwiches…  having raised a son … I know there are times they just want a “McMuffin”…. Do you realize how easy it is to make them at home?.... affordable… tasty… and soooo easy!
The beauty of this recipe is that it’s really quick.. and you can make as many as you want at once…. and they’ll all be done at the same time!  So give the family a treat.. or just treat yourself… this recipe is great because it works as easily for one, two or a whole bunch!
Interested? Read on…
I used a Thomas’ English Muffin because I love them and they happen to be what I had on hand…. but … honestly.. store brand works better for these sandwiches… they tend to be doughier and thicker… more like what you get at McDonald’s.
I also toasted mine… and I toasted it a bit too much.. I like crunch… to get it just like “that place”…. Slice it and give it a quick toast just before the eggs are done…
I use a non-stick muffin tin for best results… it’s the easiest to get the eggs out.
Be inventive.. use Canadian bacon slices, thin-sliced deli ham.. sausage slice, bacon.. or plain… each person can have what they want Canadian bacon.. give them a quick nuke in the microwave on a plate… just to warm them…
Use any type of cheese you prefer… sliced cheddar cheese is especially yummy.
That brings me to the last tip.. the wonderful thing about making your own.. is you can make whatever flavors you like… if your partial to a special sausage or turkey bacon.. you can use it.
Try this.. you’ll love it!

Recipe:  Easy Breakfast Sandwiches
All you need:
English Muffins
Sliced cheese
Canadian bacon, sliced ham, bacon, sausage (pre-cooked) etc *See Tips
All you need to do:
Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees F.
To make the eggs:
Spray as many “wells” with butter flavor cooking oil spray as you need of a non-stick muffin tin.
Place 1 tablespoon water in each well you are going to use.
Crack an egg into each well.  Bake for about 15 minutes until the egg yolk is solid. 
In the meantime…. Cut the English muffin in half and lightly toast it.  Warm the cooked sausage or ham in the microwave.
To Assemble:
Line a baking sheet with foil.   Place the bottom half of the English muffin on the prepared baking sheet.  Place a slice of cheese on it, then the meat (if using it)… Remove the cooked egg from the muffin tin using two spoons.. place it on top of the meat.. then place another slice of cheese over the egg… place the remaining half of the English muffin on top…. Press down gently. 
Repeat the process for the rest of the breakfast sandwiches.
Bake at 350 degrees for about 5 minutes or until cheese has melted.  Remove from the oven and press the tops down gently.
Serve immediately.

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