Recipe: Grilled Ham and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

The other night we had grilled cheese sandwiches for supper and I got to thinking about a Denny’s breakfast sandwich that I had a while ago… and decided to make it the next morning… a quick and easy breakfast… a grilled cheese with ham and eggs… yummm!


Denny’s uses 2 kinds of cheese… and I heartily agree… it really adds flavor.. I used American cheese and Swiss… a mild cheddar or a Monterey Jack cheese would also work well.

Sliced deli ham … I used smoked ham.. also adds flavor.

When making the scrambled eggs… make big pieces of egg… they will stay on the sandwich better.

I left quantities off… much like a regular sandwich.. how much you use is a personal choice.

A great way to start the morning!

Recipe: Grilled Ham and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

All you need:

Smoked deli ham
Swiss cheese
American cheese
Scrambled eggs
Butter or margarine

All you need to do:

Spread butter or margarine on one side of each slice of bread.

Place the butter side down of one of the pieces of bread on a hot grill pan.

Working quickly, lay one of the cheese on the bread.. then the hamm… then the scrambled eggs… then the other cheese.

Lay the second slice of bread on top … butter side up.

When the bottom slice of bread is golden brown (you will need to peek to check on it)… carefully flip the sandwich over… gently pressing the sandwich with a spatula.

When the bottom slice is also golden brown and cheese has melted… remove from the pan and place on a cutting board. Allow the sandwich to sit for about 2 minutes.. then cut in half… and enjoy!


Katy ~ said...

One of my favorite breakfasts ever! YUM YUM YUM!!

Linda said...

Ohhh I love them too! Thanks for stopping by!

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