Recipe: Grilled Bacon Tomato and Cheddar Cheese Sandwich

Here’s another stellar grilled cheese sandwich… a Grilled Bacon Tomato and Cheddar Cheese Sandwich....after all… who says grilled cheese has to be boring… thick sliced Tuscan Bread… sliced beefsteak tomato… and smoked thick sliced bacon… topped off with wonderful sliced sharp cheddar cheese…. definitely not boring!


The bacon can be a snap to make and cleaned up in the time it takes to throw out foil…. make the bacon in the oven and line your pan with foil…. try it … you’ll never go back to making bacon in a pan on the stove…. for instructions… click here.

You can use any bread… but definitely try using bread from the bakery that you can slice into nice thick slices… makes a very hearty sandwich.

I personally love Sargento cheeses… and they have sharp cheddar slices that are delicious and work really well for sandwiches.

Quantities have been left off… make them as thick as you like…. I use 2 strips of bacon… 2 slices of tomato and about 3 slices of cheese for each sandwich.

I hope you do away with boring sandwiches and try this one!

Recipe: Grilled Bacon Tomato and Cheddar Cheese Sandwich

All you need:

Thick sliced fresh bread
Butter or margarine
Sharp cheddar cheese slices
Thick sliced smoked bacon
Beefsteak tomato slices

All you have to do:

Spread margarine on 1 side of each slice of bread.

Place 1 of the slices, margarine side down, layer the bacon, tomato and cheese on the dry side.

Place 1 of the slices, margarine side up, on top of the bacon, tomato and cheese.

Place on a hot griddle.

When the bottom is golden in color, carefully flip it over and press it gently with a spatula.

Cook until the bottom is golden and cheese has melted… remove it from the griddle and allow it to set for 1-2 minutes. Cut it in half and serve.


Kat said...

Ever since I read about making my bacon in the oven, I find it hard to make it any other way! Thanks.

Linda said...

You and me both! I made it in the pan recently and was so annoyed with myself that I did it... I had to stand there and watch it... burning down the house might put Warren in grumpy mood... then I had to clean the stove from all the splatters.. and then there was the pan... UGH!

Glad to have helped convert another person to baking bacon!

Thanks for stopping by!

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