Recipe: Raspberry Peach Yogurt Dip or Sauce

This recipe for Raspberry Peach Yogurt Dip or Sauce is so easy and good.. you won’t believe it’s yogurt. I have always loved yogurt… even in the days when all that was available were those fruit on the bottom yogurts … and those yogurts were tangy not sweet dessert-like that we have today… oh I know those others still exist… for those die-hard people that prefer the tang to the sweet.. and truth be told.. I am one of them… sometimes.

I have more or less come over to the sweet side… I must say I am absolutely addicted to all those fabulous Yoplait flavors… if you haven’t tried them.. you really need to.. they are amazing.

So with all that said… I figured Yoplait makes a great base for sauces for fruit…. I have already posted one called “Yogurt Sauce for Fruit Salad” … such an original name… geesh.. but it was one of the first I ever posted and is a recipe I’ve made for years… that one is simply French Vanilla Yogurt with honey… sounds simple.. it is… and delicious too.

I started experimenting … pairing yogurt with other things… and decided to use the Raspberry Yogurt with a little peach puree… and drum roll please…. cream cheese… it turned out to be a fantastic combination.


I used regular cream cheese… you can use the lower fat or fat free kind.. but the flavor won’t be as smooth…

The picture doesn’t do it justice… it had a slight pink look.. which was really pretty.. the picture makes it look white.. it’s not.

I chopped some peach bits into the sauce for texture… you can do that or leave it out.

This makes an awesome fruit dip… just don’t add the peach juice into it and it will have more of a dip consistency.

I used Del Monte Fruit Naturals… they’re small cups of fresh fruit.. you find it in the produce section of the grocery store… I like them because they have a longer expiration than fresh fruit off the shelves and they’re always good… even when fresh produce is not in season..

This was quick and easy in my mini chopper… if you don’t have one.. a blender will work as well.

I used what I needed from the fruit cup and put the rest into my fruit salad… it worked perfectly!

This is so quick and easy.. and so tasty!

Recipe: Raspberry Peach Yogurt Dip or Sauce

All you need:

1 container (6 oz.) Yoplait Raspberry Non-Fat Yogurt
1 pkg. (8 oz.) Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese, softened
1 container (7 oz.) Del Monte Fruit Naturals Peaches

All you need to do:

Puree 2 tablespoons of the peaches in a mini chopper.

Cut the cream cheese into chunks and add them into the mini chopper, add the yogurt and pulse until smooth, scraping the sides periodically.

If you want a dip… then scoop it out and enjoy!

If you want a yogurt sauce… adding a little at a time … add most of the juice from the peach container and pulse until you have the right consistency…

Add the left over peaches and juice to your fruit salad and serve with the sauce.

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