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Safety Tips for Buffets & Party Platters

Food Safety Tip of the Day

The holiday season is underway! Protect yourself and your guests this holiday season by making sure the food you serve is safe. Don’t leave foods out for more than two hours.

Some tips:

Keep Cold Foods Cold!

Foods on a buffet can be kept cold by placing food dishes in larger bowls of ice. For party trays purchased at the supermarket, remove the lid and fill the lid with ice. Put the tray on top.

If you aren’t purchasing a party platter from a supermarket, you can purchase party platters with lids and make your own trays. You can find them at party supply stores and some supermarkets.

Rather than serve food from one platter, arrange food on several small platters. Refrigerate platters of food until it’s time to serve, and rotate food platters within two hours.

Keep Hot Foods Hot!

Hot foods on a buffet can be kept hot with chafing dishes, crock pots and warming trays and should be at 140 degrees F or warmer.

Fill serving dishes with enough food for one round of eating… refill with hot food as needed… this way the food isn’t sitting out too long and is safe to eat.

Source: Partnership for Food Safety Education



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