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Make Similar Cookies at the Same Time

Cooking Tip of the Day

I love to bake cookies…. but they can be time consuming… especially with the clean-up. I found I save tons of time if I make similar cookies at the same time.

For example, I make a couple of different varieties of oatmeal cookies. I make the doughs one after the other… I just wipe out the bowl if there is any residue remaining… no need to wash the bowls and utensils since the cookies are very similar.

It just makes sense not to make wildly different cookies at the same time… otherwise you spend half your time cleaning up and setting up new ingredients for the different kinds of cookies.

This goes also for making the dough for use at another time. When I’m working… the last thing I want to do is spend weeks cookie baking after work… and leaving it for the weekends doesn’t always work out either....

So I make the doughs up on one night and wrap them in plastic wrap and refrigerate… making the dough takes only about 15 minutes in most cases. Then the next night I bake them, this way I’m not stuck in the kitchen all night…. and clean-up is a snap the night I bake them.



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