Product Review: Fresh Express Salads

Fresh Express salads are absolutely terrific! I find they're perfect when I purchase them and they stay fresh longer than other brands. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pitch a bag of the other brand in the garbage because the leaves were discolored and sometimes even slimy the very next day after I purchased it.

Another beef I have with other brands is that I seem to always end up with an inordinate amount of the hard white core of iceberg lettuce in a bag…. not so with Fresh Express, their bagged lettuce has a reasonable mix of lettuce in the bag and its crisp! Their spinach is perfect... I swear every leaf was perfect... and I used it three days after we purchased it....

Last year I traveled each week with my consulting job to Providence, Rhode Island. Traveling as much as I did, waiting for planes and chatting with other people waiting, and meeting the people that by chance were sitting next to me on planes, gave me a unique peek into a vast variety of people, their jobs and their lives. Many of those people were business travelers, consultants, like me, or salespeople for everything from computer software to lettuce.

I had the unique opportunity to chat with a woman who was particularly friendly. When the talk got around to work… I asked what she did…. her answer?.... lettuce. We both giggled a bit at her odd answer, she then explained she had a very large regional territory for her company, Fresh Express. The conversation turned to why their salad products are so fresh. She was passionate about her company and its products and their commitment to making sure the consumer gets the freshest possible product… a refreshing attitude… I had to try their products and I'm glad I did.

According to their website, “they have a lightning fast “harvest to cooler” process that ensures that their products retain their just-picked flavor and nutritional goodness”…. They have stringent standards, regulations and internal audits to ensure you get a quality product….. I can tell you from personal experience… their salads are the best.

Check out the Fresh Express website and definitely try their products next time you have salad on your shopping list…. you won’t be disappointed.

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