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Well folks... this recipe ended up in the "not blogworthy" pile. I know a lot of people like polenta... and I thought it sounded good... a recipe from Emeril... but as my "food critic" put it so succinctly ... no taste, no texture, no thanks. Geesh... you think he should tell me how he really felt?... we don't want him to hold back now.

I usually don't post a "negative" review of a recipe... but this one... I just couldn't just let go... so feel free to try it and see if you have better results... and let me know if you do... and what you did... and I'll post it.

This recipe went the way of many others that I didn't consider blogworthy and for the life of me couldn't fix. This recipe was sort of fixable... bacon, cheese, poached eggs might have helped if you want it for breakfast.... mushrooms, tomatoes etc for a savory one.... but my food critic had a very important point... no texture.

I used the Stone Ground Medium Corn Meal as the recipe calls for... but it was mush... way too smooth. The problem was likely the corn meal was ground too fine... the true Italian corn meal used for polenta is coarsely ground.... but that doesn't account for the lack of flavor...ahh.. so you see why I didn't attempt to fix it... I did eat it with my Italian Stew on top which helped... but not worth the effort to cook this.

I should have known better too... serving something like this to a "Grits" man was a lost battle before I started.... and actually I have to agree with him though... Grits can be made with lots of add-ins as well... and the result is far better...

We are assuming those that are enamored with polenta.. never had grits (probably not true but it is a thought)... here in the South... the land of Grits... you really don't find polenta on menus... and probably for good reason.

Now where is the picture you might ask?... I didn't think that was blogworthy either... so much for the post of the terrific Polenta I had planned... good thing I write my posts well in advance... and just moved another up to fill this empty slot.

So my readers... you must have thought everything I made was picture perfect and delicious... and I sat around eating bon bons between posts... not so... many new recipes I try end up in the NO pile.. when I tell you I think its delicious... I really think that... you may not agree... but always know I am honest and will tell you what I think.


sherri May 16, 2009 at 8:26 AM  

We were raised eating polenta, but never as a stand alsone dish. Grandma and Mom served it with delicious Marinara sauce poured over it with stew beef added, then sprinkled with parmesan. Otherwise, it would be just as the critic said. Tasteless.

It is a staple in Italian homes and may also be considered an "auired" taste, but it is one I love.

sherri May 16, 2009 at 8:27 AM  

Sorry for the typos- it's early!

STAND ALONE dish instead of "alsone"

and AQUIRED taste, not auired. Sorry.

Linda May 16, 2009 at 9:35 AM  

no problem... I'm the typo queen...

I guess to each his own... I will try it again... just not soon... many people feel Grits are tasteless too... and we love them... I think the biggest problem was the corn meal was not coarse enough

girlichef May 16, 2009 at 10:10 AM  

I do love polenta...but I also love grits (but no, not the same). Polenta is definitely creamier..and I love it cooled, then cut into pieces and fried up in some butter...mmmmm! Or as polenta "fries".

Linda May 16, 2009 at 12:13 PM  

When I try it again... I think I will try it your way... it sounds good...


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