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Commentary: Tis the Season to Eat Drink and be Merry!

I decided to give you a few ideas if you want to have a signature WOW drink for your party… I have a few suggestions… today I will give you some Martini recipes. The Martini was very trendy in the 60’s (so I’m told….that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)…. And it has made a comeback in recent years. Now Martini’s are made in a variety of flavors… here are a few.

You will need a shaker…. the classic cocktail shaker that is normally made of three pieces: a metal tumbler, a snug fitting lid, and a small cap that fits over the lid and covers the strainer that is built into the lid. This is the type of shakers that most people will have at home because it is so simple to use.



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