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Delicious Meals for Two

Tip of the Day:

Just because your family is small or there are only the two of you doesn’t mean you can’t make great meals… in fact… you actually might be better off…. you can have ready-made meals.

I know many recipes are difficult to size down…but you can make the entire recipe and freeze it in portions you can use… this way all you have to do is defrost your sauce and boil your pasta.

When I worked for a large department store in the buying office, I would have to take trips to New York and when I did, I used to meet a close friend of mine. He would always cook for me… he would go to his freezer and rattle off all the sauces he had in little containers and we would choose the sauce for the dinner. His Mother was a terrific cook and made all these sauces for him and froze them in little containers so all he had to do was microwave it and add pasta.

So a great meal is only a small container away!



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